Beautiful Bathrooms: Soap and Glory
Bathroom Design
'Transform your bathroom into a tranquil haven with stunning bathroom design and gorgeous tiles.'

Whether it's a quick, refreshing shower or a long, relaxing soak in the bath, all your bathroom dreams are found here!

Products that are cost effective and can stand the test of time provide a sound investment with a mix of innovative ideas and contemporary classic design.

'Good quality materials and good craftsmenship creates a sense of luxury and long standing value' said Steve Vatter, Managing Director of Honiton Tile and Bathroom.

Bathroom Designs
'Regardless of whether you want to opt for a traditional or contemporary design, there are bathroom designs to reflect your personality and complement your home.'
Thoughts towards bathroom design are changing- let us help you keep abreast with the latest trends to achieve your dream bathroom


It really is true- 'high quality brassware makes a huge difference to the look and feel of your bathroom which can have a significant impact on the overall appearance of your bathroom- more than many may realise,' claims Steve Vatter at Honiton Tile and Bathroom.

The finishing touches of a bathroom, including the premium brassware chosen has long been viewed as an after thought for many homeowners.

Significantly, thoughts towards overall bathroom design are changing and consumers are recognising these features as an important aspect of bathroom design. For a touch of luxury, class and style, there are plenty of options available to choose from to suit your individual preferences and lifestyle.

Modern tap design

Modern tap designs are really pushing the boundaries aesthetically and the options available to homeowners, architects and designers alike is pretty endless. The demand for unique contemporary designs is ever increasing with many people opting for unusual tap designs which undoubtedly adds the WOW factor to their bathrooms.

To discuss your individual requirements, get in touch with Steve and his team at Honiton Tile and Bathroom who will help to bring your bathroom design ideas to life.

Bathroom Design
As a family owned company, Honiton Tile and Bathroom boast a wealth of experience in the tile and bathroom industry, with lots of happy customers over the years.

Offering fantastic customer service, Honiton Tile and Bathroom go above and beyond many other companies to deliver additional services.

These include; Free advice and consultation, no minimum order value, free delivery within a 40 mile radius, free parking outside of the comprehensive showroom, various samples and an excellent fixing service to ensure the perfect installation of your new bathroom and/or tiles.
Bathroom Design
'Design your dream bathroom with the help of an experienced Bathroom Designer-
Let us show you what is possible....'

In recent times there has been an increase in consumers looking to eco efficient products for their homes which make financial sense as they use less water therefore saving energy and money at the same time.

In terms of the average shower, research and development is well under way to dramatically reduce the amount of water used and provide effective and safe methods of conserving and recycling water. What's more, anti-limescale and hydrophobic technology will be built into bathroom products meaning there is less need for harsh cleaning agents and chemicals.

  Like the look of spa or hotel design bathrooms? Bathroom Designers can help you create the perfect bathroom to suit your individual preferences

Another aspect of bathroom design that more and more consumers are looking for is intelligent storage solutions. For example, under washbasin drawers are now outselling cupboards. One of the biggest benefits is because you can instantly see what you have available at a glance. For smaller, more compact bathrooms slimline cabinets with internal mirrors and storage in the door sections are becoming extremely popular amongst homeowners.

Inspired by trends in spa and hotel design, customers nowadays are looking for more creative bathroom interiors and designs. Storage cubes, pull-out storage and small wall-mounted cabinets can be combined to create unique, functional spaces that reflect individual lifestyles and personal preferences, while at the same time being practical.

Steam Showers

Taking the bathroom world by storm, steam showers are all the rage currently- especially in the en-suite bathroom. More and more people are realising that steam showers are not only fantastic for your health but also save space. In addition, frameless glass is ever popular amongst homeowners as it creates a feeling of space and openness.

A beautiful array of colourful mosaic tiles can be used to personalise the overall design scheme of the room. Following on the trend of 'his and hers', there's now even 'his and hers' steam showers as well as dedicated basins and whole bathrooms dedicated to individual people.

In recent years there's been some brilliant innovations in shower enclosure design. No longer an enclosure to be hidden in the corner of a bathroom nowadays shower enclosures are more likely to be a focal point of any bathroom. Unusual shaped enclosures are becoming increasingly popular and the options for bespoke enclosure is becoming more and more popular in many homes up and down the country.

   Minimal product design
With minimalist living and a focus on space saving and de-cluttering all the trend at the moment, installing beautiful fitted bathroom furniture is the ideal way to maximise whatever space you have. Of course, this doesn't mean that style needs to be compromised. Rather the opposite!

Honiton Tile and Bathroom have some fantastic new additions in regards to bathroom furniture and accessories which offer style and practicality, as well as utilising some great storage solutions. Push to open doors and drawers are perfect for stylish and practical bathrooms, regardless of size and are truly minimalist.
Bathroom Designer

'Stunning bathroom designs to transform your home into a tranquil haven'

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