The Spring garden makeover
Discover the latest floral and furnishing trends for your back garden.

Spring has finally sprung and what better time of year to get off the sofa, switch off the TV and get yourself out into the garden to kick, back, relax and unwind in the glorious spring sunshine. But what do you do if you garden isn't up to scratch? Panic not- we've taken the time to research the latest garden trends, taking a sneak peek at what might help if you end goal is to add value or sell your property.
     Beautiful blossoms
Roses, hydrangeas, and peonies and the more old-fashioned flowers remain fashionable amongst many homeowners. In the hydrangea world, the supermodel equivalent is 'Annabelle', first found growing in the wild in the US town of Anna in Ohio is the early 1700s. Low maintenance, hydrangeas are ideal for many gardens are they thrive in both sunny and shady spots.
  For those wanting to achieve a refreshing citrus zing in their gardens, using verbena is perfect as it gives off a beautiful scent from its leaves.
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Another popular choice for homeowners include wildflowers typically seen in meadows such as poppies, lupins, delphiniums and foxgloves. It is seen that the trends for a wildflower meadow isn't declining- rather the opposite. As people become more and more conscious of helping the bee population, meadow gardens are perfect for encouraging bees to come into gardens while at the same time contribute to the romantic garden look that is ever popular at the moment.

Also, another big thing this spring is scent. Highly scented shrubs such as Philadelphus 'Sybille' (otherwise known as mock orange) and scented rose such as Rosa 'Cecile Brunner' work very well if you are trying to opt for scented plants this spring.

     Outdoor dining
Patio kitchens with fire pits and pizza ovens are among the hottest garden features at the moment. Many of the terraces seen today are getting bigger and housing outdoor kitchens, while oak pergolas are popularly used to shelter outdoor dining areas.
    With the summers getting warmer, facilities available on the market for alfresco dining and outdoor cooking have become common in high-end gardens.
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     Herb Gardens
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While vegetable gardens remain ever popular, herb gardens are becoming increasingly fashionable. People are also focusing on edible plants at the moment. Plants such as violas, cornflowers, nigella and roses are all very popular as well as nasturtiums – all of which are edible, especially rose petals.
  Oregano, bay and rosemary are by far the easiest herbs to grow outdoors, but if you are wanting herbs which flower, thyme has very pretty flowers in the summer months.
But why the surge in popularity? Some believe it is down to vegetable and kitchen gardens becoming increasingly popular with prospective homeowners in their hunt for their ideal home. A recent survey carried out by Strutt & Parker where 2,000 people were asked about their 'dream' garden item concluded that 9% of people wanted somewhere to grow vegetables, with 19% of prospective homeowners desiring a walled garden.
     She Sheds

Lady lairs have become more and more popular in recent years with many people opting for female only outdoor spaces where they provide a quiet, relaxing space to unwind after a long day at work or with the kids. A place to escape the world and somewhere where no one will touch your personal belongings!
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This popular trend is very inexpensive and can provide the perfect getaway for individuals and families alike. If you don't have two trees to hang a conventional hammock, do not panic- there are freestanding hammocks and hammocks with built-in parasols.

More glamorously, in some central London penthouses swings on roof terraces, complete with candles, fern trees and Critall windows separating the inside space from the garden are no beyond the norm.


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