7 Top tips on linking your new extension and your old garden
y creating a fantastic new living space with the addition of a new extension, hopefully you be enjoying bright, airy and spacious living space,
for the whole family to enjoy. But have you considered the impact your ‘old’ garden will have in your new living space? Hopefully this will have been considered at the same time of your extension so you enjoy a seamless living experience but if not, we’ve compiled 7 top tips on how best to link your new extension and your old garden together beautifully

With your beautiful bi-folding sliding doors in situ and looking amazing, what a shock it may be to look out of them onto a view of your old garden.

  In reality, you’ll want your garden to be in sync with your new evolving home and working collaboratively with the inside space to complement it as best possible.

Here’s a few ideas on some starter ideas on how to achieve a beautiful, new garden.

Due to the extra glazing your new home extension boasts, you’ll want to create a new focal point within your garden to draw your eye to. Nicely placed, planted borders or raised beds, a small tree or seamless hardwood decking joined the interior flooring out into the garden will all do the trick. For added features, the addition of a bespoke, handmade bench or timber framed home office at the end of your garden, can be a fantastic architectural addition to complement your garden.

Consider carefully where to place your new decking area or landscaped garden area as its placement will greatly influence the overall aesthetics of your home. Do not be influenced by a cowboy builder offering to put up a quick deck/patio at the back of your garden- speak to a professional landscape gardener who will be able to design, create and bring to life your dream garden space.

Another consideration is to think about the placement of any tables and chairs. Ideally you won’t want your garden table and chairs right outside of your bi-folding sliding doors if your interior set are near to your bi-fold doors too as it is neither aesthetically pleasing nor practical. In contrast, it would be far better to really think about where the sitting areas would be most suited and used.

By speaking with your garden designer and landscaper you'll be able to plan perfectly the transition between indoors and outdoors creating a seamless living space. It is desirable that the flooring is flush between the indoor and outdoor floor level but this isn't always achievable due to technical reasons such as the requirements in terms of the damp proof course. In such cases, this is where style shouldn't prevail over substance.

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   Interior and Exterior lighting
When it comes to lighting a few subtle lights in your newly landscaped garden, will help to incorporate the view of the garden into your interior space at night, making it appear and feel bigger. Uplighting a designated tree or a few shrubs will all help with bringing in more light to both your interior and exterior spaces. In order to combat the reflection from your interior lights bouncing off the glass, be sure to light something immediately outside of your property or your exterior space will turn into a black, dark hole!

    Innovative decking lights are perfect for any decking environment and application. For high quality and aesthetic appeal, Fitrite Easy Connect is a fantastic solution.
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    South West / West facing gardens


  If you are lucky enough to have a South or West facing aspect garden, it's likely to get extremely hot in the summer months so create flexible living spaces and transform your home space!
To regulate it at a pleasant temperature, you can have specially treated glass that reflects the sunrays away, or you could opt for window treatments such as louvred shutters or sheer curtains. Another option is to address it from the exterior of your home, with the addition of a well-placed tree, an awning to shield you from the strong sunshine or a pergola draped in beautiful climber plants. For those who are green fingered, be sure to opt for deciduous options as they will naturally help to filter the sunlight in the spring and summer months but also allow the sunshine to grace you with its presence in the cooler autumn and winter months.
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  Employing a professional garden landscaper

Having spent money on your home extension, why not invest a little on your outdoor space to create a flawless interior/exterior fusion. Wherever you are based, businesses focusing on home evolution concepts will have a dedicated team of specialists on hand to create a beautiful fluid space for the whole family to enjoy, the whole year through. Over time, your garden will mature and become even more beautiful as the years go by, giving you pleasure for years to come. To see what is possible, why not immerse yourself in garden landscape design and the revolution of the home as whole by taking a sneak peek at some of our inspiration boards on Pinterest?
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