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'Your home should make a statement about you. Reflect your lifestyle and individual preferences.'

It cannot be denied that kitchens are very much at the heart of the home these days. While the main aim of any kitchen is to retain its functionality, a kitchen also needs to be designed with thought and installed beautifully. Being the family hub of a home, and often being a show-piece- whether it's the kitchen layout, design or the latest gadgets, it is easy for costs to accumulate. And so with this in mind, to ensure you get the perfect balance, we've created a practical insight into the heart of your home.

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'Sleek profiles, high quality materials and open plan design provides all the space you'll need to enjoy, 365 days a year'
No matter how big or small, a kitchen is the hub of many homes so carefully consider what you want and need from the space. We're here to help.
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'Quality design, quality installation, quality service- kitchen designers can help to create beautiful spaces for the whole family to enjoy.'

Our first tip is to make sure you avoid 'free' design services as in reality they aren't even that! Furthermore, they fail to consider the practical functionality of a kitchen within a home, and tend to be the reason why 'free' design services end up with homeowners spending so much money.

  By engaging with a professional you will not only design the kitchen that is perfectly suited to your home, but they will also help to build and install your dream kitchen to provide the most cost effective result all round.

Whether you want to make the kitchen the heart of your home or whether you simply want to add value to your property, the layout of your living space is key. Therefore it is essential to think through the circulation and consider how people will move around the kitchen/living space. Other considerations include thinking about whether you would like to include a kitchen island, or a peninsular to open up the kitchen area into free flowing spaces, integrating the inside with the outside.

When you choose a kitchen designer, you
will discover that they will have everything you need to create your dream kitchen.
They'll have oodles of appliances and gadgets to choose from but try not to clutter your new kitchen space by hoarding pointless kitchen utensils and gadgets!

Last but by no means least, another great piece of advice is to make sure your kitchen space works for you- not just in terms of the design but also the available space and what you want it to achieve in both the short and long term. Regardless of whether you opt for a contemporary, classic or fusion style, or whether you prefer a minimal or more 'lived' in and realistic approach, the key principles of arrangements, functionality and circulations need to work effectively for you also.

   Let your kitchen be the hub of your home
At the end of the day, your kitchen is for you to use, enjoy and showcase to your loved ones- a place at the heart of the home and one to both relax in, entertain and socialise. Don't fall into the trap of being seduced by a particular style and wrongly thinking that this will be the key to a good kitchen- it's the way your kitchen works for you and the way it makes you feel.
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